Education Reform

Rethinking Education: Towards a Global Common Good
Global Education Reform – Building Resistance and Solidarity
Education Reform in Pakistan: Building for the Future
Education Reform in Pakistan
Aid, Education Policy, and Development
The Risks to Education Systems

Education 2030

Incheon Declaration
Qingdao Declaration
How can Education Systems become Equitable by 2030?
Millions Learning – Scaling Up Quality Education in Developing Countries
Education 2030
Every Child Should have a Textbook
Pricing the Right to Education

Teachers and Teacher Education

Teaching and Learning: Achieving Quality for All
Great Teachers
Global Best Practices for Developing the Teaching Profession
Gender Equality in Teacher Education
Trained Teachers and Child’s Right to Primary Education
The Challenge of Teacher Shortage and Quality

Education for All

Education for All 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges
Gender and EFA 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges
Fixing the Broken Promise of Education for All
Financing Upper Secondary Education
School-related Gender-based Violence and EFA
EFA is Affordable – By 2015 and Beyond

Education Financing

The Investment Case for Education and Equity
Financing Upper Secondary Education
Financing Education: Opportunities for Global Action
Pricing the Right to Education
Financing for Global Education
Innovative Financial Services for Education

Out of School Children

Global OOSC Initiative Operational Manual
Interventions to Reach OOSC – Literature Review
The Economic Cost of OOSC in Southeast Asia
Exclusion from Education – Economic Cost of OOSC
Innovative Financing for OOSC
The Urgency of Enrolling OOSC

Student Learning and Educational Quality

Student Learning in South Asia
Towards Universal Learning
Learning for All – WBG Education Strategy 2020
What Matters most for Student Assessment Systems
What Works to Improve Quality of Student Learning in Developing Countries?
Class Size versus Class Composition

Education in Emergencies

Education Cannot Wait
Walk the Talk
Delivering Education for Children in Emergencies
Education in Emergencies and Protracted Crises
Education in Emergencies – A Resource Toolkit
Providing Hope, Investing in the Future
Humanitarian Aid for Education
Teacher Retention in Refugee and Emergency Settings
The Consequences of Not Investing In Education in Emergencies
Child Protection and Education in Emergencies